Setting Up The Development Environment

Install the Expo client app on your iOS or Android phone and connect to the same wireless network as your computer. On Android, use the Expo app to scan the QR code from your terminal to open your project. While sourcemaps may not be enabled by default, you can follow this guide or video to enable them and set break points at the right places in the source code. If you have to work in JS-heavy code or to build entire websites/apps with JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js or React, then VS Code will definitively make your life easier. You can use React Native today in your existing Android and iOS projects or you can create a whole new app from scratch.

For example, running code or background audio when the4 device is sleeping. Follow the installation instructions for your Linux distribution to install Node 14 or newer. You will need an Android device to run your React Native Android app. This can be either a physical Android device, or more commonly, you can use an Android Virtual Device which allows you to emulate an Android device on your computer.

In simple words, if you prefer javaScript, you should go with ESLint, and if you code in Typescript, you should stick to TSLint. Both the tools are pluggable linking and with the help of them, you can identify problematic code that does not match certain style guidelines. Hence, there is no need to use any additional React native tools for this. Through the Expo SDK, it can access native APIs on both iOS and Android. This means the integration of native features such as camera, location, and maps, etc. is possible.

When enabled, most of your edits should be visible within a second or two. React Native is greatly growing in popularity among developers due to the number of tools that are available. Here are some of the tools that are useful in developing robust and efficient mobile applications using React Native. Apps created with the command npx react-native init described below are configured to work well with rbenv and will pick the correct Ruby version requested by the template. Open Xcode, then choose “Preferences…” from the Xcode menu.

Why You Should Go For Expo

You may also want to enable Pause On Caught Exceptions for a better debugging experience. When syntax error occurs the full screen LogBox error will automatically open with the stack trace and location of the syntax error. This error is not dismissable because it represents invalid JavaScript execution that must be fixed before continuing with your app. To dismiss these errors, fix the syntax error and either save to automatically dismiss or cmd+r to reload . Unhandled JavaScript errors such as undefined is not a function will automatically open a full screen LogBox error with the source of the error.

  • Several features like a rendered sandbox, auto component docs, etc. are also available.
  • In the end, we hope that our list of React Native Development tools will be very helpful for you no matter whether you are experienced or have just started to work with this framework.
  • React navigation is one of the best tools for solving navigation issues.
  • For example, running code or background audio when the4 device is sleeping.
  • Make sure that the dropdown in the top left corner of the Chrome console says debuggerWorker.js.

These errors are dismissable and minimizable so that you can see the state of your app when these errors occur, but should always be addressed. Errors and warnings in development builds are displayed in LogBox inside your app. Chandresh Patel is a CEO, Agile coach and founder of Bacancy Technology.

You can use Safari to debug the iOS version of your app without having to enable “Debug JS Remotely”. React Native supports a few keyboard shortcuts in the iOS Simulator. To enable them, open the Hardware menu, select Keyboard, and make sure that “Connect Hardware Keyboard” is checked. With the power of JavaScript, React Native lets you iterate at lightning speed. GitHub integration is possible right within the tool making it possible to create new branches, view pull requests & resolve merge conflicts within the tool. The SDK of Expo is not supported by every type of background code execution.

Why You Should Not Go For Expo

You should customize this variable with your own path or your own node version manager, if it differs from the default. Atom is a cross-platform editing tool developed by GitHub, and its text editor works efficiently on various platforms like Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows. It is also enabled with other useful features like a built-in package manager, different themes and designs, smart autocompletion, and a lot more. Atom also provides multiple panes to split the interface, which makes working easier for developers. It is also very easy to browse and open single, multiple, and whole project files. Detox is one of the best testing tools for Native React applications.

The tool is great for automating various tasks like linking, starting the packager, and building apps. React-native CLI also supports custom configurations and can be used for a lot of things. Follow these instructions if you need to build native code in your project. For example, if you are integrating React Native into an existing application, or if you “ejected” from Expo, you’ll need this section. Expo CLI allows you to run your React Native app on a physical device without setting up a development environment. To use a custom JavaScript debugger in place of Chrome Developer Tools, set the REACT_DEBUGGER environment variable to a command that will start your custom debugger.

It also enables a custom build configuration and is great for developers working on iOS platforms. It is an open-source toolchain that developers can use to create an application f0or Android and iOS on React Native framework. It offers a range of services like slack community, development tools, adequate documentation, and community forums.

React Native Command Line Interface​

Finally, click “Apply” to download and install the Android SDK and related build tools. These tools help you get started quickly, but before committing to building your app with Expo CLI, read about the limitations. However, React Native has always been given special preference because of its speed and efficiency.

You will only need a recent version of Node.js and a phone or emulator. If you’d like to try out React Native directly in your web browser before installing any tools, you can try out Snack. Nuclide is a package that is integrated with the Atom editor. It is one of the most customized IDE’s that helps developers to improve their code.

It is developed by Wix and is creating waves amongst developers. The framework works not only cross-platform but also supports Native React projects and native projects like Android and iOS. Detox supports unit tests for smaller modular pieces of code. It also provides an integration test and regression test to retest the code, which has already been tested, yet they perform the same as before the changes were made to it. Detox is one of the leading tools to use for Native React developers in 2020.

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The React Native tools require some environment variables to be set up in order to build apps with native code. React Native lets you create truly native apps and doesn’t compromise your users’ experiences. It provides a core set of platform agnostic native components like View, Text, and Imagethat map directly to the platform’s native UI building blocks. React components wrap existing native code and interact with native APIs via React’s declarative UI paradigm and JavaScript.

Xcode is the development environment tool for Apple and is used for iOS, macOS, etc. It is probably one of the best tools to bulletproof the How to hire a React Native Developer Native React apps developed for iSO. Xcode can be used for building apps as well as for debugging and installing various iOS packages.

Debugging Using A Custom Javascript Debugger​

If you are planning to build a next-generation React Native component library for a team, Bit for React Native is highly suggested. It eliminates the problem of sharing and collaborating on User Interface components across multiple repositories. Thebit.devplatform can be used to host and organize components. Using this tool, your team can conveniently render, and update components from any project in

React Native Developer Tools

This enables native app development for whole new teams of developers, and can let existing native teams work much faster. React Native is preferred by mobile application developers as it opens up the way for rapid development. Mobile developers can use various technologies for app development.

Top 10 Tools That Every React Native Developer Should Use In 2020!

You can then select “Debug JS Remotely” from the Developer Menu to start debugging. You can access the developer menu by shaking your device or by selecting “Shake Gesture” inside the Hardware menu in the iOS Simulator. You can also use the ⌘D keyboard shortcut when your app is running in the iOS Simulator, or ⌘M when running in an Android emulator on Mac OS and Ctrl+M on Windows and Linux. Alternatively for Android, you can run the command adb shell input keyevent 82 to open the dev menu . If you know that you’ll eventually need to include your own native code, Expo is still a good way to get started.

React Native also requires Java SE Development Kit , which can be installed using Chocolatey as well. If everything is set up correctly, you should see your new app running in your Android emulator shortly. The Zulu OpenJDK distribution offers JDKs for both Intel and M1 Macs. This will make sure your builds are faster on M1 Macs compared to using an Intel-based JDK. You can enable a performance overlay to help you debug performance problems by selecting “Perf Monitor” in the Developer Menu.

React navigation is one of the best tools for solving navigation issues. React Navigation enables you to implement all types of transitions out of the box. The tool supports navigation such as tab bar, stack navigation, drawer navigation, and deep linking.

His truly entrepreneurial spirit, skillful expertise and extensive knowledge in the Agile software development services have helped the organization to achieve new heights of success. Let’s take a look at some of the tools that will help you optimize your React Native app performance. React primitives render to native platform UI, meaning your app uses the same native platform APIs other apps do. These tools can also be used interchangeably as React Native Development tools.

Developers need to take into consideration all the specific business requirements of their clients to manage the cost more effectively. If you are already familiar with mobile development, you may want to use React Native CLI. It requires Xcode or Android Studio to get started. If you already have one of these tools installed, you should be able to get up and running within a few minutes. If they are not installed, you should expect to spend about an hour installing and configuring them. The following section only applies to projects with native code exposed. If you are using the managed expo-cli workflow, see the guide on ejecting to use this API.

Expo CLI configures your project to use the most recent React Native version that is supported by the Expo client app. The Expo client app usually gains support for a given React Native version with new SDK . You can check this document to find out what versions are supported. Open App.js in your text editor of choice and edit some lines. The application should reload automatically once you save your changes.

The tools which are mentioned are quite easy to install and use. At end of the day, the ultimate aim of the tools is to make the development process faster, easier, and time-saving. It builds cross-platform native applications using JavaScript.

As soon as you select it, it will be available as $r in the Chrome console, letting you inspect its props, state, and instance properties. Console errors and warnings are displayed as on-screen notifications with a red or yellow badge, and the number of errors or warning in the console respectively. To view a console error or warnings, tap the notification to view the full screen information about the log and to paginate through all of the logs in the console.


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